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Films with the actor Alexey Potapenko

Alexey Potapenko


Ukrainian producer, author and singer of songs, director. He studied at secondary schools № 105 and number 141 of Kyiv. He received two higher education. The first is the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (swimming trainer and water polo), the second - KNEU, accounting and auditing. He studied at several European directorial schools. In 2000, Potap became a member of the Ukrainian rap-group "Entrance in the changing shoes" and remained until 2006. Potap's song "On His Own Wave" became the soundtrack for the film "One for All", and in 2006 the song, which he composed together with the groups "New'Z'Cool" and "XS", became the soundtrack for the film "The Painting". In 2007, the first album, Potap, was released, which took the title "On the other wave or ano kaneshno after all." Since 2007 she has been collaborating with Nastya Kamensky, who recorded the "Ne Pair" album in 2008, which became very popular in Ukraine and Russia. Produces his own label "Empire". In December 2008, Potap, Uncle Wade and UGO released a joint album "We are richer ..." which included songs presented at the Tavria Games 2008 (Hands up, I remember). Also in the album you can find 2 remixes for the song UGO "Drop". One remake was made by Potap himself, and the second from the Girl's label "Empire", namely Nasti Kamensky, Queen $ and XS.

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