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Films with the actor Anatoly Mateshko

Anatoly Mateshko

Actor, Director

Mateshko Anatoly Nikolaevich (born September 29, 1953, Gostomel) - Ukrainian actor, film director. Member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine. Under the influence of the older sister (Olga Mateshko), after graduating from the school she entered the faculty of acting of the Kyiv State Institute of Theater Arts. I.K. Karpenko-Karyi, who graduated in 1976 and was sent to the studio to them. O. Dovzhenka Anatoly Mateshko has a significant acting experience. He starred in the ribbons: "We will win!" (Armando, Diploma for the best male role of the Republican Film Festival Molodist, Kiev, 1975), "Only the" old men "go on the battle (pilot)," How the steel was quenched "(the Komsomol) "Earth and Celestial Adventures" (Stas), "Channel" (Igor), "Invitation to dance" (episode.), "Pigeon zipper" (Doynikov), "Strict man's life" (Sorokin, "Lenfilm", Silver medal to them). O. P. Dovzhenko), "The Son of the Champion" (Kleymenov), "The whole world in your sight" (episode.), "Faster than your own shadow" (Peter Korolev, "Gorky's"), "The Loop Orion »(Tamarkin),« Natalka Poltavka "(Petro)," Tankodrom "(Okunev)," At the Court of the XX Century "," Elysee Fields "," The Friend of the Dead "," Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow "(2002, p. 14) and others. Having put the films: "The Green Fire of the Goat", "The Black Hole" (Prize of the All-Union Film Festival in Baku, 1988), "Ha-bi-as-s!", "Woman for All", "Birthday of Bourgeois" (2000) Birthday of Bourgeois-2 "(2001)," Critical Condition "(2002)," The Amateur of Private Investigation Dasha Vasiliev "(2003, 12 a)," Against the Currents "(2004,8 s). From 1983 to 2012, as a director, he shot about 20 films and serials. The most famous spectators are "Birthday of Bourgeois", "Dasha Vasilieva, a fan of private search". On May 3, 2013, began filming the national film "Trubach" for children!

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