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Films with the actor Andrey Myagkov

Andrey Myagkov


Born July 8, 1938 in Leningrad, in the family of a professor at the Polytechnic Institute. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (12.31.1976). People's Artist of the RSFSR (12/05/1986). In school, he gravitated towards technical sciences, but in high school he became interested in theater, began to attend a drama club, where he played the main roles in the performances. However, after graduation, he entered the Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technology. After graduating from the institute in 1961, he was sent to work at the Institute of Plastics. In 1961, teachers of the Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater School arrived in Leningrad in search of talented youth. Myagkov decided to try his hand and, having successfully completed three qualifying rounds, was accepted for study. Graduated Myagkov from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio in 1965 (course of V. P. Markov) and was accepted into the troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. One of the first works of the actor on the stage of "Contemporary" was the role of Uncle in the play "Uncle's Dream" by F.M. Dostoevsky. It was in this role that Elem Klimov noticed him and suggested the main role in the film “The Dentist's Adventures” - Myagkov’s film debut. But the first serious role of the young artist was the role of Alyosha Karamazov in Ivan Pyryev’s film “The Brothers Karamazov”, which was released in 1969. At the time, in the theater, Myagkov was engaged in the performances At the Bottom (Baron), Ordinary History, Balalaikin and K. In 1975, Eldar Ryazanov’s film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” was released. Myagkov in the role of Zhenya Lukashin charmed the whole country with his game, and the popularity of the actor was simply fantastic then. Another excellent role Myagkova in Eldar Ryazanov became Novoseltsev in the comedy "Office Romance", released in 1977. Together with Alice Freindlich, they composed a magnificent acting duet. Among other films with Myagkov’s participation, “Turbin Days” (1976), “Garage” (1980), “Vertical Racing” (1983), “Cruel Romance” (1984) became notable cinema events. For the most part, film critics are considered a comedian, but he also has major dramatic roles. Among them is the career scientist Shvyrkov in the art house drama Marlene Hutsiev's “Afterword” (1983), where he performed in a duet with Rostislav Plyatt. In the 1990s, he starred a little, preferring theatrical and teaching activities at the Studio School. Among his works during this period, one can note the dramatic film by Gleb Panfilov “Mother” (1990), the comedy by Leonid Gaidai “The weather is nice on Deribasovskaya, or it’s raining again on Brighton Beach” (1992), and the political detective Dmitry Astrakhan “Contract with Death” (1998). Since 1964, married to actress Anastasia Voznesenskaya.