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Films with the actor Chris Gorak

Chris Gorak

Art Director, Director

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chris Gorak is a film director who started as an art director and production designer. He has directed the 2006 film Right at Your Door and is directing the upcoming film The Darkest Hour. Gorak attended Tulane University where he earned an architecture degree. He changed his career to film and worked as art director for directors like David Fincher, the Coen brothers, and Terry Gilliam. When Gorak worked as production designer on the 2004 film The Clearing, he expressed afterward to its producers an interest in film direction. They challenged him to provide something viable, and he wrote a script for an intended short film titled Right at Your Door. He eventually directed the 2006 feature thriller film Right at Your Door, which he said was reflective of authorities being impotent in a world after the September 11 attacks. He had initially worried about his film being too similar to 28 Days Later but found inspiration in filming on a low budget. After Right at Your Door, he planned to write and direct a cop drama titled SIS.[4] The film is not yet realized, and Gorak is currently directing the alien invasion film The Darkest Hour for release in 2011. Gorak is a member of the Art Directors Guild.