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Dmitri Mirgorodsky


Dmitry Nikolaevich Mirgorodsky. Born on September 25, 1939 in Zaporizhia - died July 20, 2001 in Kiev. Soviet and Ukrainian theater and film actor. In 1957-1959 he studied at the metallurgical faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. There he began to play in the amateur theater and finally decided to change his profession. In 1963 he graduated from the Moscow Theater School named after M.Shepkin at the Maly Theater, the course of N. Annenkov. In 1963-1964 - actor of the Kiev Russian Drama Theater named after Lesia Ukrainka. In 1964-1968 - actor film studio "Mosfilm". In 1968-1969 - actor of the Moscow Art Theater. In 1970-2001 - actor of the Kiev Film Studio named after A.P. Dovzhenko. He made his debut in cinema in 1965, starring in the films “We, the Russian People” (Golovachev) and “The Year Like Life” (Georg Herweg). In 1973, he played the infantry battalion commander in the legendary military film "Only Old Men" go into battle. "Leonid Bykov. Honored Artist of Ukraine (1998). The actor had cancer. In the last months of his life, he felt that he was losing strength, refused roles, calmly explained that he was leaving. In early July 2001, the actor was operated on. He died of cancer on July 20, 2001 in Kiev in the arms of his wife.

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