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Films with the actor Alexander Zhdanovich

Alexander Zhdanovich


In 1985 he graduated from the Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute. Works in the National Academic Drama Theater. Gorky since 1985. During this time they played dozens of roles. Stage images are always true and extraordinary. The range of its artistic possibilities is unusually wide. He successfully performs both character and heroic-dramatic roles. In recent years there has been an undoubted creative growth of the artist, who has become the leading master of the stage of the academic theater, which in itself is a serious achievement and recognition. The audience remembered his work in the performances of "The Tragic Tale of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" based on the play by V. Shakespeare and other roles of contemporary and classical repertoires. Alexander Zhdanovich in the role of Caligula, based on the play of Albert Camus, flashed with the highest mastery of reincarnation, revealing to the audience the image of a great villain and a great martyr. This work caused a wide public response, expressed in more than twenty publications of 15 largest Belarusian newspapers and magazines.