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Justine Triet

Justine Triet is a graduate from the Paris National School of Fine Arts. Since then, she has directed a couple of films dealing with the place of the individual within a group: Sur place (2007) was shot right in the middle of the 2006 student protest; Solférino (2009) was filmed during the 2007 French presidential election; in her next effort, Vilaine fille mauvais garçon (2012), Justine Triet gave a startling account of life in a São Paulo shantytown and garnered many awards in the festival circuit. Her first feature, La bataille de Solférino (2013) is a skillful mix of a documentary (five years after Solférino (2009), she records the second ballot of the French elections for President live in the streets of Paris) and fiction (the crisis experienced on that very day by a divorced couple). La bataille de Solférino (2013) has been acclaimed by most critics as one of the best works of the latest new wave of French directors.

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