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Films with the actor Svetlana Permyakova

Svetlana Permyakova


In 1994 she graduated from the Perm State Institute of Art and Culture. She worked in the Lysva Drama Theater, Perm TYuZe (until 2005). At the same time she actively played in the KVN city teams. In 2000 she started to play in the Perm national team “Parma”, since 2002 - in the Higher League. The image of a rustic PTUshnitsy Svetka together with Zhanna Kadnikova brought her to the elite of KVN and glorified her for the entire former Soviet Union. From the end of 2005 I started working on the radio. In 2007 she received her first role in the TV series "Soldiers". The success of the actress brought the role of nurse Scriabina in the television series "Interns" (2010-2013).