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Films with the actor Vadim Demchog

Vadim Demchog


Born March 13, 1963 in the city of Narva. The real name is Smaller. From 4 years old he played in the puppet theater of the local Palace of Pioneers. Then he played in the National Theater under the direction of Yuri Mikhalev (now the theater "Ilmarinne"). In 1984 he graduated from LGITMiK (class Z.Y. Korogodsky). He played in the Leningrad Youth Theater, in 1999-2003 - in the troupe of the Small Drama Theater. Since 1987, he has been experimenting in different theater teams, traveling a lot, meeting representatives of various experimental areas, attending theater seminars and conferences, participating in various international festivals, since 2001 he has been actively teaching. From 2004 to January 2011 he led the show "Frankie Show" on the radio station "Silver Rain", in which he managed to replay 316 heroes. The voice of Demchog says the main character of the animated web series "Mr.Freeman". The author of the book "Self-liberating game" (2004), "Playing in the void" (2009-2012). Candidate of psychological sciences.