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Films with the actor Bernard Farsi

Bernard Farsi


Bernard Farcy studied at the Conservatoire de Lyon, at the same time as Christine Pascal. He went to Paris, spending a year at Robert Hossein's drama school in Reims. he staged a show in a theater in Montparnasse, composed of two very different pieces: "The flower in his mouth" by Luigi Pirandello and "Pepper Cayenne" by René de Obaldia. The most important casting director at the time, Dominique Besnehard sees the show and presents it to Jean-Jacques Beineix; Bernard Farcy then holds his first film role in The Moon in the Gutter, directed by the latter. The general public notices him particularly in the role of the crazy police chief, the Commissioner Gilbert, in the series of Taxi. He has shown himself in more serious roles, even disturbing, in films Our story Bertrand Blier or Do not wake a cop who sleeps with Alain Delon and Michel Serrault. He has participated in a large number of films with record entries, including March in the shadow of Michel Blanc, The Three Brothers Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan, Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra Alain Chabat, the series of the Taxi or the Pact of the wolves of Christophe Gans. On a completely different note, in 2006, he was widely acclaimed by critics for his interpretation of General de Gaulle, in Bernard Stora's The Great Charles. "Certain poses or attitudes are misunderstood" (Le Monde) 1, "Bernard Farcy de Gaulle troubling with truth" (L'Humanité) 2, Bernard Farcy obtained a FIPA of gold of male interpretation at the international television festival of Biarritz3, category series and serials, in 2006 for this role. He also received an Emmy nomination in New York in 2006.