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Natalya Sumskaya

Natalya Vyacheslavivna Sumy (April 22, 1956, Katyuzhanka, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region) is a Ukrainian actress and TV presenter, a leading actor of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, People's Artist of Ukraine, Shevchenko Prize winner (2008), winner of the Cabinet of Ministers Award named after Lesya Ukrainka. Born in the village of Katyuzhanka, Kyiv region, in the hereditary family of actors. Parents are the actors of the National Theater. Ivan Franko, People's Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Sumsky and Honored Artist of Ukraine Hanna Opanasenko-Sumy. He lived in Lviv for 10 years. In 1977 graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Theater Arts. I. Karpenko-Karya (workshop of People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Reshetnikov). Since 1977 - actor of the National Academic Theater named after. Ivan Franko From autumn 2003 to the beginning of 2010 - the leading program "Key moment" on the TV channel "Inter", the release of which has been suspended despite rather high ratings. Works in the theatrical company Benyuk and Hostikoyev.