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Films with the actor Nikolay Nademski

Nikolay Nademski


Nademsky Nikolay Zakharyevich From 1906 he studied at the Kiev Art School, then - in the drama school them. MG Savina in Moscow. As a theater actor and director, he toured with the Shukhmina troupe in Stockholm and Helsingfors. Member of the First World War. Participated in the uprising of the Kegsholm regiment (1917), as well as in the uprising of the Kiev factory "Arsenal" (1918). Since 1920 - actor of the Kiev-Pechersk Workers Theater, the mobile theater "Sakhartrest", since 1921 - the theater. Lesia Ukrainka in Kiev, in 1922-1926 - actor and director of a number of theaters in Ukraine, from 1926 - actor of Odessa, and then - Kiev film studios. In the cinema since 1925 - about sixty roles, in many films he played two or three roles. In 1937 he was repressed.