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Films with the actor Igor Kashintsev

Igor Kashintsev


Honored Artist of the RSFSR (12/10/1981). People's Artist of Russia (19.05.2003). In 1955 he graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (course of Alexander Kireev). Played in theaters: 1955/1961 PSTA, 1961/1965 Theater Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, 1965/1975 Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1975/1988 New Drama Theater, 1989/1991 Theater of Satire, 1991/1993 Moscow Art Theater named after AP Chekhov. From 1993 until the end of his life he served in the theater named after Vl. Mayakovsky. The first film role is "Mr. Ivan" (DEFA). He acted as a reader from the Moscow State Philharmonic. Played in the theater of Anna Macagon "At the Fireplace". From the 80s he wrote poems (mostly political satire), was published.