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Films with the actor Christina Orbakaite

Christina Orbakaite


Kristina Edmundovna Orbakaitе (born 25 May 1971), better known as Kristina Orbakaite, is a Russian-Lithuanian singer, film, TV, stage, and musicals actor. Kristina first appeared on screen as a child actor in 1984's Scarecrow, which garnered her critical and popular acclaim. Her other best known acting credits include Lovey-Dovey (Lyubov-morkov) (2007), Fara (1999), Viva gardemarines! (1991), Charity Ball (1993), Snow Queen (2003), Conspiracy (2007), The Mystery of the Four Princesses (2014). Her stage credits include The Miracle Worker (1995), and Two for the Seesaw (2018). Her singing career took off in in the 1990s. Orbakaite released 11 studio albums, and has toured internationally.