Films with the actor Marina Fedunkiv

Marina Fedunkiv

Born on August 27, 1973 in Perm. Grew up in Ukraine. She graduated from the Perm State Institute of Art and Culture (PGIIK). Since the late 1990s, she has actively played KVN. Initially, Marina was the captain of the KVN team of the Perm Pharmaceutical Academy, with whom she participated in numerous city games. Later this team merged with the Dobryanka team, which had already entered the Higher League of KVN. Multiple winner of the festival "Student Spring" for drama and acting. After the end of KVN's career, Marina Fedunkiv became involved in the comedy show “Everything is our way!” On the STS channel. She also starred in episodes of the humorous programs "Give the Youth!" And "Comedy Woman". In 2010, she performed the role of Marina, Kolyan’s mother, in the TV series “Real Guys”.