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Films with the actor Nora Tschirner

Nora Tschirner


Nora Marie Tschirner (* 12. June 1981 in East Berlin) is a German actress, musician and former presenter. Nora Tschirner was born as the daughter of documentary film director Joachim Tschirner and radio journalist Waltraud Tschirner. She grew up in the East Berlin district of Pankow and has several brothers and sisters. After primary school she attended the Rosa Luxemburg High School, where she graduated in 2000.[1] At school she was involved in various theatre groups. This not only helped her to take part in school theatre competitions in Mühlhausen/Thuringia and Magdeburg, but also in 1997 to a first television role in the ZDF children's series Achterbahn in the episode Der Ferienjob. Tschirner began her acting career with a supporting role in Connie Walther's Wie Feuer und Flamme (2001) and the female leading role in the ARD Vorabenddserie Sternenfänger (2002). In 2003 she played alongside Matthias Schweighöfer in Soloalbum, the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre. In the same year she made her stage debut at the Hamburg Schauspielhaus in Trainspotting. In 2005 she played in Anno Sauls Kebab Connection. She has also played several supporting roles in several TV series, including A Strong Team and Section 40. She starred alongside Christian Ulmen as the female lead in the feature FC Venus - Attack is the Best Defense. In 2006 she shot the science fiction series Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot for ZDF, a film adaptation of Stanisław Lem's Star Diaries, which was awarded the German Television Prize and nominated for the Grimme Prize. In 2007 she took on the role of Til Schweiger's adversary in the highly successful romantic comedy Keinohrhasen, which was released on December 20, 2007, and two years later in the sequel Zweiohrküken. In 2009 she was featured as a ladybird in the episode 2472 of Sesame Street.[4] The second season of Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot followed in 2011.