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Eran Creevy

British director and clip maker. Place of Birth London, England. He began his career as a director with music videos and commercials. Subsequently, he wrote the script for his debut feature film “Trickster”. He started as an assistant director, in which at the beginning of his career he managed to work with Matthew Vaughn and Woody Allen. The first steps were clips for Asher D and Sway, after which Krivi shoots several commercials. Coca Cola's latest promotional video for an energy drink. His music videos clearly stood out from the general mass of such videos. So his clip Destination Calabria for Alex Gaudin in 2007 entered the top five best clips of the year. In addition to this video, Eren Krivi subsequently shoots several more commercials and music videos that collect various popular nominations. His debut film was screened throughout the country (England) in cinemas. Nominations from BAFTA and 5 BIFAs awards proved the quality of the debut. His next film was the action movie “Welcome to the Trap” (2012), the creation of which was directed by Ridley Scott. The main roles in the film were played by stars James McEvoy and Mark Strong.

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