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Films with the actor Tatyana Arntgolts

Tatyana Arntgolts


Tatyana Albertovna Arntgolts (Russian: Татья́на Альбе́ртовна Арнтго́льц; born 18 March 1982) is a Russian theater and film actress. Twin sisters Tatyana and Olga born in Kaliningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. In a family of actors of the Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theater: Honored Artist of the RF Albert Arntgolts and actress Valentina Arntgolts (née Galich). She has an identical twin sister Olga, who is also an actress. Together they studied at M.S. Schepkin Higher Theatre School in Moscow. In 2008, Tatyana married actor Ivan Zhidkov.[6] In September 2009, she gave birth to daughter Maria in Moscow. In the summer of 2013 the couple divorced. Also, the actress met with Grigory Antipenko, but later the couple broke up. In 1999 Arntgolts made her acting debut in the youth drama series Prostiye istiny (The Simple Truth), in which she played student Katya Trofimova. In 2008 Arntgolts participated in the Channel One show Lednikoviy Period (Ice Age), where celebrities paired with professional figure skaters and each week competed by performing ice dancing routines. Her partner was Maxim Staviski.