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Films with the actor Bob Sapp

Bob Sapp


Robert Malcolm “Bob” Sapp (born September 22, 1973) is an American athlete who played in American football, mixed martial arts, kickboxing. The first mixed martial arts fight was held in Yokohama on April 28, 2002, defeating Yoshihisa Yamamoto. Oversized and athletic Sapp liked the Japanese public and was invited to speak in the largest organizations K-1 and Pride FC. Kickboxing debut also took place in 2002. In both cases, he lived up to expectations, suppressing rivals. He compensated for the shortcomings of technology with great physical strength. In kickboxing, Bob was defeated due to disqualification for killing a fallen opponent, which justified his nickname "The Beast." With 4 months of martial arts, in August 2002, Sapp got a fight against Pride FC champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Due to his superiority in physical strength, using a very limited arsenal of technical actions, Bob managed to give the Brazilian perhaps the hardest fight at that stage of his career, more than once putting him in a critical position. At the beginning of the fifth minute of the second round, Nogueira still caught tired Sapp for a painful move (armbar), but the fact that the newcomer competed with the best fighter sharply increased Bob's quotes.