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Films with the actor Pyotr Shcherbakov

Pyotr Shcherbakov


Honored Artist of the RSFSR (01.23.1974). People's Artist of the RSFSR (06/04/1980). His father was among the twenty-five thousand meters, who in the thirties raised virgin soil. After the war, his father's family moved to Moscow. His father worked at the ZIL, where Peter eventually came to. He worked in the design office of the stamping and mechanical shop, and in the evenings he studied at the automotive engineering school. He received a diploma with honors and without exams went to the university. Once in the summer, walking, he came across an AV GITIS. Lunacharsky, whose whereabouts had no idea. Logged in I met one of the teachers and declared: “Let your specialists look at me. If the theater is not good, say so. I am not Katerina, I will not leave the Volga! ”Strangely enough, they collected a commission. Shcherbakov brought a partner from the club with which he played the scene at the fountain from “Boris Godunov”, and they took him. But since GITIS recruited that year only at the directing faculty, Peter was offered to enter the second course immediately. Having completed his studies to the end, Shcherbakov went to Germany for three years, to the Theater of the Group of Soviet Forces (1953-1956). Member of the CPSU since 1955. Since 1958 - actor of the theater "Contemporary". In 1985 he moved from the "Contemporary" in the Moscow Art Theater.