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STB HD is a nationwide Ukrainian television channel, part of StarLightMedia holding. It specializes in series and entertainment shows of its own production, broadcasting is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian. It was founded in 1997 and today holds a leading position in the broadcasting network of Ukraine.

Popular STB HD programs

The STB HD channel provides primarily original content of its own production. The main place in the television program is occupied by such shows and programs:

  • Zvazhenі that shchaslivі;
  • Hut on tata;
  • Master Chef;
  • X Factor;
  • Everything will be delicious;
  • Battle of psychics.

Most of them are family-friendly entertainment shows in which viewers participate. Everyone is casting and appear in the role of a participant in a culinary or vocal show, showing psychic abilities or talents in housekeeping. You can watch STB HD for both adults and children. Only the Battle of Psychics show has an age limit, which has remained on the air for 19 seasons.

Favorite TV shows in good quality are available live, so you always stay up to date. Among the programs that were very popular are “Ukraine Small Talent”, “Karaoke on Maidan”, “Everyone Will Be Good” and many others. Now they are discontinued, but old issues can still be seen.

STB HD online also offers daily news releases (Вікна-новини), where they talk about the most relevant events in Ukraine and the world. Direct broadcasts, reports, expert comments - all this is combined in news releases. Well-known presenters and journalists daily appear on the air of news programs. Many media stars began their careers on this channel.

Ukrainian TV series produced by StarLightMedia are also popular on STB HD. All the series you will see in good quality during the broadcast.

Thanks to a varied and rich TV program, the channel remains one of the first in various ratings. Original content supports the interest of thousands of audiences, and some television shows have become phenomenally successful. The television channel STB HD online is an example of rapid and successful development. In just a few years, he became a leader, in 2005 he was recognized as a breakthrough of the year and remains one of the most popular.

How to connect online TV?

Using the service Sweet.tv STB HD you can watch online anytime, anywhere. To do this, just register on the site or in the mobile application. You only need to have a username and password, and movies and channels will be available on several devices, including smartphones and smart TVs. The advantage of using Sweet.tv will be a free test mode for 7 days.

Another nice addition is the presence of several tariff plans, which differ not only in cost, but also in the amount of content. The minimum tariff gives access to 170 channels, including 5 channels in Ultra HD, and 3,000 films in HD quality. You can pay for services using the mobile application. Watch your favorite TV shows and shows in high quality.

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