The comedy that makes your blood run cold. Watch «Haunted Mansion» online on SWEET.TV

The comedy that makes your blood run cold. Watch «Haunted Mansion» online on SWEET.TV

The Haunted Mansion is back after 20 years. And it is back, bringing together a star-studded cast that includes Danny DeVito, Jamie Lee Curtis, Owen Wilson, Jared Leto, and more. Watch the comedy horror film Haunted Mansion online on SWEET.TV without ads. The spooky comedy with a star-studded cast is available in Full HD on your TV, tablet, computer, and smartphone. Watch online or download in the app.

The film is not based on a story, as is usually the case, but on one of the most popular Walt Disney World attractions - the decorators even transferred certain details to the film. Watch «Haunted Mansion» online right now - humor with a nerve tickle is guaranteed.

🏰What is the film Haunted Mansion about 
Travis and his mum move into a creepy house to turn it into a hotel. But the mansion is haunted by ghosts who do their best to ruin people's lives. To help the owners eliminate the otherworldly guests, a team of strange desperadoes gathers: A «priest», a former astrophysicist, and a historian. It turns out that the house hides terrible secrets. And there is a very unpleasant entity behind the evil deeds. What does it want? What it wants and how to get rid of it - this is what the film will tell you. 

Facts about the film
👻This is the third adaptation based on «The Haunted Mansion» after «The Haunted Mansion»(2003) and «Muppets Haunted Mansion» (2021)
👻The Haunted Mansion attraction debuted in 1969 and has been a favorite among park visitors ever since, appearing at both Disneyland and Disney World. In the story, park guests enter an eerie and spooky mansion that is home to such classic characters as the spirit of Madame Leota, the medium, the skeleton of the Bride, and the disguised Hatbox Ghost. The 2003 film The Haunted Mansion followed this storyline quite closely, but this film is a completely different take, able to stand on its own but also leaving room for sequels.
👻The characters William Gracey and Alistair Crump are named after Yale Gracey and Rolly Crump, the two Imagineers most responsible for the art design of the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland.

👻In July 2010, it became known that Guillermo del Toro would be the writer and producer of the new film. In an interview, Del Toro said that the film would take place not in the real world, but in augmented reality, and one of the main characters would be the Hatbox Ghost. The film will be "scary and fun at the same time, but scary will be scary.
👻In April 2015, Ryan Gosling was negotiating to take part in Del Toro's film.  No details were given about which character Gosling would play in «The Haunted Mansion», whatever Del Toro's vision was. Del Toro has not yet had time to create his film «The Haunted Mansion».
👻Mickey Mouse in the film. You can see Travis wearing a Mickey Mouse watch. It is noticeable when he is talking to Ben on the street.
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