Unique premiere. Watch the Disney movie "Wish" online on SWEET.TV.

Unique premiere. Watch the Disney movie "Wish" online on SWEET.TV.

"Wish" is not just another animated film. It is a film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Disney, embodying everything we love about the magical tales from the animation studio. Tune in to "Wish" online without ads on SWEET.TV.

🔥The official trailer of the film received the highest number of views among all Disney animated films, surpassing even "Frozen 2" with 66.5 million views. Moreover, the film became the box office leader in South Korea, a country known for its appreciation of quality animations. Watch the "Wish" movie online and offline without ads on SWEET.TV.

What is the "Wish" movie about?
  • 17-year-old Asha lives in the kingdom of Rosas, ruled by the sorcerer Magnifico. Once a month, he fulfills the wishes of one of the residents, keeping the wishes in bubbles until then. On her grandfather's 100th birthday, Asha goes to Magnifico for an interview to become his apprentice. However, during the conversation, she realizes that the king is filled with darkness and has no intention of fulfilling the dreams of the residents of Rosas. In desperation, the girl makes a wish on a star. And the star descends from the sky to help her expose the king. But Magnifico does everything to seize the power of the star and get rid of Asha.
Watch the "Wish" movie online on TV, smartphone, and PC on SWEET.TV.

Interesting facts about the movie.
  • 🌟The film was created for the 100th anniversary of the Disney studio, and development began as early as 2018.
  • 🌟The name Asha means "hope" in Hindi and Bengali. The name of Asha's grandfather, Saba, means grandfather in Hebrew. Grandpa Asha also celebrates his hundredth birthday too.
  • 🌟In previous versions of the story, the queen was evil and had a cat named Charo. Over time, her role in the film changed, but the visual concept of the image remained. If the creators had not "deprived" her of villainy, Amaya and Magnifico would have been the first Disney villain couple.
  • 🌟The screenplay was written by Jennifer Lee, who created the most popular Disney cartoons, including "Frozen Heart," the second part of the franchise, which is still the world's highest-grossing cartoon.
  • 🌟This is the 62nd full-length animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. During the film's production, the team watched all previously 61 Disney cartoons.
  • 🌟Initially, the animation in the film was supposed to be entirely traditional. But 2D has many limitations. Therefore, it was decided to combine the watercolor style with modern technology.
  • 🌟Hidden Mickey: when the Star tries to enter the king's office, the pen, under the influence of her magic, begins to draw the head of Mickey Mouse. Mickey's ears can be seen in the form of fireworks above the castle.
  • 🌟Bear John is a reference to Little John from "Robin Hood" (1973), and the rabbit in the forest, when Asha first made a wish, is a reference to Thumper from the film "Bambi" (1942) - he also comically thumps his paw.
  • 🌟Asha's friends are created based on the seven dwarfs.
  • 🌟Asha's cloak, similar to the one worn by the Fairy Godmother in "Cinderella," and the dress of Sleeping Beauty appear in the wish of a woman who wants to be a seamstress. And more “Easter eggs” you can find in “Wish” online.


It's a very, very, very magical story where you can trace the history of Disney. So, turn on "Wish" online in Full HD on SWEET.TV.