Watch sports drama premiere - Gran Turismo now on SWEET.TV

Watch sports drama premiere - Gran Turismo now on SWEET.TV

SWEET.TV is featuring the sports drama "Gran Turismo," ready for enthusiasts and movie buffs alike to buckle up and enjoy the ride. This gripping film is based on the extraordinary and inspiring true story of a team of underdogs – a determined, working-class gamer, a former race car driver facing setbacks, and an idealistic motorsport executive. The trio embarks on a daring journey, risking everything to challenge the world's most elite sport.

Notably, Orlando Bloom takes center stage in this film, marking a special cinematic moment for fans who haven't seen much of the actor in recent years.

Dive into the action and witness the heart-pounding drama of "Gran Turismo" available now on SWEET.TV.

Jann, a dedicated gamer from Cardiff, spends his days immersed in playing Gran Turismo, choosing to evade the challenges of the real world. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Danny, a marketing manager at Nissan, is actively involved in a marketing campaign. Collaborating with the Gran Turismo management, they devise a plan to organize a competition, inviting gamers to test their skills in actual racing cars. Facing the need for assistance in event coordination, Danny seeks the help of Jack, a former racing driver with an unyielding cynicism. As fate brings Jann, Danny, and Jack together, the gamer finds himself behind the wheel of a Nissan racing car, diving headfirst into the intense competition for recognition in the fiercely competitive realm of real racing.

🔥Behind the Scenes: Fascinating Facts for Film Buffs
⭐Real-Life Inspiration: The narrative of "Gran Turismo" draws inspiration from the true story of Jann Mardenborough, a Gran Turismo player who successfully transitioned from gaming to becoming a professional race car driver. The film follows his awe-inspiring journey from the gaming console to the race track.

⭐Actor Stunt Double: Adding a unique touch, Jann Mardenborough himself plays the stunt double in the film for the actor portraying his character, creating a seamless blend of reality and cinematic storytelling.

⭐Character Origins: Orlando Bloom's character, Danny Moore, is inspired by real-life Darren Cox. Cox, a former Nissan Europe executive, founded the GT Academy in 2008, collaborating with Sony PlayStation to give racing gamers an opportunity to transform into professional racing drivers.

⭐Filming Locations: Many of the film's exhilarating racing sequences were shot at the Hungaroring in Hungary, standing in for various circuits, adding an authentic touch to the high-speed action.

⭐Controversial Moment: The film captures a turning point involving the death of a spectator during a race. While this incident is a crucial element in the movie, it is worth noting that the actual event took place on a different track in 2015, where Mardenborough's Nissan GT-R went off the track, tragically causing the death of a spectator and injuries to several others.

⭐Digital Stunts: To enhance the visual impact, digital cars were employed for significant crashes, including one involving Mardenborough at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, showcasing the seamless integration of technology in filmmaking.
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