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Movie Sorochinskaya yarmarka

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The rich peasant Solopiy Cherevyk goes to the famous Sorochynsky fair to sell wheat. His whole family went with him: the quarrelsome wife of Khvrya and the three daughters of Paraska, Gorpin and Motrya. The young couple Grytsko, having met Paraska at the fair, falls in love with her. But the stepmother of Khyvria is against their wedding. Grytsko met at the fair with a gypsy - a lane that helps him persuade Parasky's parents to give him a daughter. In parallel with this, comic events unfolding related to the mysterious story about the red scroll. The whole story of the godfather Tsybuli about the red scroll is filmed and saturated with many eccentric scenes. In the finale of the story, the main characters find happiness, and everything ends with a fun wedding.