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The most innovative and
technological streaming
platform in Ukraine


This is how long it will take on average for other OTT services to catch up with us technologically


This is how the application works on weak devices compared to analogues


One of the most convenient and understandable on the Ukrainian market


Bad internet is not a problem. On SWEET.TV online broadcasts do not freeze


How did we achieve this?

  • Constantly updating the application

  • We regularly conduct audits and are not afraid of criticism.

  • We are looking for the best solutions and experimenting.

  • Our streamers run on ultra-fast network cards and have 10T/s routers installed in the core.

  • We use microservice architecture and aim at clouds.


remain the most innovative
online cinema in Ukraine


We are open to ideas and are always looking for ways to improve. We involve the best IT teams in the development of new application functions, and support the largest IT events in Ukraine. Let's work on it together: from us - interesting tasks and projects, and from you - non-standard ideas and solutions.

What would you do differently in our service?
What would you add and what would you change?

Our team can do a lot, but together with you we can do more! We invite everyone who wants to become our mentor, consultant, auditor, employee to the team.

email IT sweet.tv

Write to us at info@sweet.tv and check the vacancies on DOU.

Cinema Challenge Hackathon

We implement innovations that help improve the SWEET.TV platform and provide Ukrainians with high-quality Ukrainian content. Join us - let's improve the platform together!

Prize $50 000


Developers and data scientists


Two days in inspiring surroundings and a unique creative atmosphere


20+ mentors shared their knowledge with participants


The winners received prizes and assistance in the implementation of projects. The prize pool was

Dev Challenge XVII

SWEET.TV — general partner of the largest European IT Championship — DEV Challenge

This is the only championship in Ukraine among developers and designers in real combat conditions. During the existence of the competition, more than 20,000 specialists took part in them.

20 000 +




200 +





Championship organizer

We challenge

They create the environment and infrastructure for the birth of breakthrough ideas that help businesses grow. Since 2012, We_Challenge has organized 16 IT Championships, 13 hackathons, 45 IT events, including conferences, forums and meetups. The company is also engaged in corporate innovation.

SWEET.TV supports the development of
IT-industry in Ukraine

We are forming a community that is able to implement
the most daring decisions in our country and abroad.

Highloads fwdays

SWEET.TV — Gold Partner React fwdays'21 , the first online conference in Ukraine with React.js

Presentations by top speakers from Microsoft, Wix Engineering, Datamix, Grammarly, JavaScript.Ninja, Fiverr, Veriff, etc.

A day of discussions, practical tasks, introductions to new technologies, tips and instructions for working with React.

The conference was held on March 27, 2021 and attracted participants from different cities and countries.

SWEET.TV — Main Partner online conferences Highload fwdays '20.

It is devoted to practical issues of developing high-load projects, architecture, scaling, working with databases, DevOps.

Highloads fwdays
Highload fwdays'20 is:

with talks, discussions,
Q&A and online stands from partners. Yes, yes, we immerse participants in the full atmosphere of interaction with partners and speakers.


from high-load experts from companies such as Elastic, Concert.ua, ClickHouse, Percona, LUN, Badoo and others.


with new formats: deepdive, evenings with speakers and heated discussions.

Notebook for fwdays

The conference is being held for the fourth time, but this year it has moved online.

In free online , which allowed to attract 2800 participants from different cities and countries who could not attend the event before.

This is certainly an achievement, because the purpose of the event is to bring practical value to as many participants as possible.

We created the SWEET.TV Cinema Tech project on the platform Reactor.ua

In order to find and implement the best innovative solutions, as well as to establish a systematic work with innovations and ideas.

Innovative ideas and solutions for the development of custom streaming platforms

External experts who will help us in auditing internal services and processes within the specified areas

Product teams specializing in the field of Cinema Tech related to film and television have their own innovative solutions and are ready to cooperate on the terms of technology partnership


Reactor.ua is a team that has been working in the field of innovation for over four years. They were the first in Ukraine to support product teams by launching a technology center at UNIT.city. They gave businesses really effective tools to work with innovations. The Reactor.ua team believes that open partnership is a new level of leadership.

The platform brings together 30 residents, 50 mentors - the best market experts, more than 500 product teams around the idea of developing companies through technology partnerships.