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Films with the actor Gennady Tsyferov

Gennady Tsyferov

Gennady Mikhailovich Tsyferov (1930-1972) - Soviet writer, storyteller, screenwriter and playwright. Born March 26, 1930 in Sverdlovsk. My father served as director of the State Green Building Trust "Goszelenstroy" of the RSFSR, his mother was an accountant. In 1949, he entered the Institute of Oriental Studies at the faculty of the Japanese language, but because of his great myopia, he was not taken to the Japanese department, but taken to the Mongolian. After studying 2 years at the institute, he was expelled for academic failure. In 1951, Gennady Mikhailovich entered the Krupskaya Pedagogical Institute. After graduation (1956), he worked for three years as a tutor and teacher in a boarding school. Already at this time, Tsyferov began to write miniature tales that he sent to Korney Chukovsky for review. Gradually changed his teaching activities to literary - he worked for the Teacher's Newspaper for a short time, in the journal Murzilka, wrote for the Literary Gazette. He tried to publish his fairy tales in the publishing house "Children's Literature", but they were not accepted. Only in the new, created in 1957, the publishing house "Malysh", and with the support of its chief editor - Yuri Pavlovich Timofeev, Tsyferov's fairy tales saw the light. Along with writing, he collaborated with children's programs on the radio, worked on television, spoke in libraries. Gennady Tsyferov also worked as a screenwriter in animation [1], where in collaboration with the studio Soyuzmultfilm and in collaboration with Heinrich Sapgir more than two dozen cartoons were released. He worked mostly with directors R. A. Kachanov, V. V. Kurchevsky, V. D. Degtyaryov, N. N. Serebryakov. Also together G. Sapgir wrote plays for puppet theaters. One of them, “I want to be great” in 1970, directed by R. Rents, was presented at the 2nd International Puppet Theaters Festival in Hungary. In 1968 he became a member of the Union of Cinematographers. 1971 - was admitted to the membership of the Soviet Center of UNIMA. A member of the Writers' Union was not. He died on December 5, 1972 in Moscow and was buried at the 25th station of the Vagankovsky cemetery. Interestingly, on the tombstone it is listed as "Geniferous Cyphers".