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Films with the actor Hagar Vlasova

Hagar Vlasova


Agar Abramovna Vlasova (born January 1, 1925, Moscow, USSR) - Soviet and Russian film and theater actress. Born on January 1, 1925 in Moscow. In 1944 she entered, and in 1948 she graduated from the Theater School named after MS Schepkin. In the 1950s and 1960s, she was an actress from the Taganka Theater troupe. On stage played children and teenagers (role - travesty). She played in the performances of "Seven Wizards" (Verochka), "Under the Golden Eagle" (Willie) and many others. Subsequently, she worked on dubbing, voicing the characters of many cartoons and feature films (for example, Genka Petrov from “Kortik” and “The Bronze Bird”).