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Films with the actor Valentina Brumberg

Valentina Brumberg

Director, Art Director

Valentina Semenovna Brumberg (August 2, 1899, Moscow - November 28, 1975, ibid.) - Soviet director and cartoon film artist. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1968). One of the sisters (the eldest) is Brumberg, who for many years worked together on the creation of cartoons, many of which have become classics of Soviet animation. Born on August 2, 1899. In 1924, after graduating from VHUTEMAS, together with promising young artists entered the service in the first experimental cartoon workshop at the State College of Cinematography. On the stage of the Moscow Theater for Children in 1927, director Natalia Sats introduced animation for the first time as one of the elements of the play. The Brumberg sisters are working on the Negriton and the Monkey and Pro Juba. The first period of creativity is characterized by realistic animation style. In the 1960s, searches and experiments began, leading to the appearance of works that differed from the usual ones. For example, in 1961, the film "Big Trouble", drawn in the style of children's drawings. Despite the diversity of works, each of them recognizes the style of the master. Fyodor Khitruk spoke about the Brumberg sisters: There is an expression "cherished memory." I think that “bright and cheerful memory” is most suitable for the sisters Brumberg. I remember them just such - noisy, energetic, incredible, to some extent even frivolous and frivolous in work. Although I know that they are very many and carefully prepared for their paintings. In general, I am pleased to just remember them, because I myself am getting younger, happier and more energetic. Something lost is returning ...