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Films with the actor Vladimir Gotovtsev

Vladimir Gotovtsev


Vladimir Vasilyevich Gotovtsev (1885-1976) - Russian and Soviet theater and film actor, theater teacher. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1948). Winner of two Stalin prizes of the first degree (1946, 1947). Vladimir Gotovtsev was born on 8 (January 20), 1885 in Moscow. He graduated from the law faculty of Moscow University, studied at the drama courses of A. I. Adashev (1907-1908). In 1908–1924, he was an actor of the Moscow Art Theater, in 1924–1936 he was an actor of the Moscow Art Theater of the 2nd, in 1936–1959, in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater of the USSR named after M. Gorky. In 1939–1950, Vladimir Gotovcev was a teacher at the Moscow City Theater School, his students were Vera Vasilyeva, Olga Aroseva, Vera Orlova, Yevgeny Lebedev, Roza Balashova, Natalia Terentyeva. In 1950-1952 he taught at GITIS. V. Gotovtsev died on April 30, 1976. He was buried in Moscow at Vvedensky cemetery.