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Films with the actor Ivan Axsenchuk

Ivan Axsenchuk

Director, Producer

Member of the Great Patriotic War. In January 1944 - May 1945 - charging a 120-mm mortar and arrows of the 1234th rifle regiment. He fought on the 1st Belorussian front. He participated in the Lublin-Brest, Warsaw-Poznan and Berlin operations. On February 17, 1945, he was wounded and was treated for some time in the hospital. After the war, I. Aksenchuk was demobilized as an officer. From 1946 to 1948 he studied at the courses of animators at the film studio "Soyuzmultfilm". After graduation, he began working as a multiplier, then as an assistant director at Alexander Ivanov and Yevgeny Migunov, and since 1953 - as a director. He worked in the classic drawing technology. Filmed fairy tales of different nations, in particular: the Romanian Nut Walnut (1955), the Uzbek Stork (1956), and the Italian Boys from Naples. In addition to wonderful children's cartoons, he created social “film-posters”: for the anniversary of the revolution - “Our Sun”, about the first manned space flight - “Glory to you, heavenly brothers!”, On the anniversary of GOELRO - “Plus electrification” and others. He made cartoons for the satirical film magazine "Wick". He died in poverty July 17, 1999 in Moscow. He was buried at the Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye cemetery in Moscow.