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Films with the actor Uldis Lieldidj

Uldis Lieldidj

Actor, Director

Uldis Lieldijs (April 24, 1933) - Soviet and Latvian film and theater actor. He took part in the production and performed with large concert programs: “A Man in the Best Years” by Sigmund Skuin, “Thoughts and Heart” based on the book of Nikolai Amosov’s memoirs and a poetic composition based on works by Skaidrite Kaldupe. In the film, he made his debut in the lead role in the film directed by Leonid Lukov “To the New Shore” (1955) - the film adaptation of the novel by Vilis Latsis. He was one of the most sought-after Latvian actors. He starred at the Riga Film Studio, at Mosfilm Studios, Belarusfilm, Moldova Film and many others.