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Films with the actor Alexander Chistyakov

Alexander Chistyakov

Actor, Producer

Full name - Alexander Petrovich Chistyakov. Born in 1880. Not finished high school, worked as an accountant. From 1921 he studied at the First State Committee for the Arts (the workshop of Lev Kuleshov). Since 1925, actively starred in movies. The first role - working in the film "Arsenaltsy" became a characteristic role for the subsequent work of the actor. A.P. Chistyakov was the champion of the Russian Empire in hammer throwing. By self-taught, he began to master hammer throwing at the end of the 19th century and in 1912 became the first Russian record holder. And 11 years later - set the first record of the USSR, which was better than the pre-revolutionary 11 meters (37.22 meters). Chistyakov was one of the strongest Russian cyclists - in 1902, he took 2nd place in the race for 100 kilometers. He was also keen on classical style wrestling - in 1924 he became the champion of Moscow in heavyweight.