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Films with the actor Gennady Saifullin

Gennady Saifullin


SAIFULIN GENNADIY RASHIDOVICH Honored Artist of the RSFSR (04/07/1988). He graduated from the Studio at the Central Children's Theater (1961). Since 1961 - actor of the Central Children's Theater, since 1963 - the Moscow Theater. Lenin Komsomol, from 1967 - Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. In the cinema since 1955, the first work of 14-year-old Gennady Saifulin "Smoke in the Forest" is a feature film based on the story of A. Gaidar, thesis by Yevgeny Karelov and Yuri Chulyukin; for the first time in the practice of VGIK, the film was released in 1955, and its authors, after defending a diploma in 1956, were credited to the Mosfilm staff as directors.