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Films with the actor Natalia Chengchik

Natalia Chengchik


Natalya Petrovna Chenchik (November 7, 1950, Starotitarovskaya, Temryuk District, Krasnodar Territory - October 24, 2000, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian film and theater actress. After graduating from Kerch school number 11, she worked at the Zaliv plant. In 1976 she graduated from the Boris Schukin Theater Institute. The most famous roles are in the films “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed” and “Military Field Novel”. She was also engaged in the sound of animated films. The actress died on October 23, 2000 at the 50th year of life from cancer, not having lived only 2 weeks before her 50th birthday. She was buried at the Ivanovsky cemetery (Moscow region, Leninsky district).