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Films with the actor Мартинш Вилсонс

Мартинш Вилсонс


Born in 1954 in the barracks in the village of Transport of the Magadan Region, where his parents (Roland Czechovich and Zenta Wilson) were serving a link. Passed urgent service in the Soviet army at BAM, near Tynda. He graduated from the Faculty of Theater of the Latvian State Conservatory. I. Vitola. He gained fame after his first work in the cinema - the detective film “Mirage” (1983), based on the novel by J. H. Chase. I remember the actor and other works - the main role in the adventure film Two steps from "Paradise", as well as the films "Intergirl" and "Rat, or the Night Mafia." Until 2002, he served in the theater in Liepaja, contained his own drama studio. Lives in Riga. Married for the fifth time, father of eight children.