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Films with the actor Larisa Luzhina

Larisa Luzhina


Soviet and Russian film and theater actress. Larisa Luzhina’s childhood memories are connected with the blockade of Leningrad: her father died of exhaustion at the age of 27, and her six-year-old sister died of starvation. When the Road of Life in Ladoga was opened, she and her mother were evacuated to the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Kemerovo Region. There, in Siberia, at the New Year's holiday, arranged for children in the kindergarten at the meat processing plant on the eve of 1945, Larissa read A. Tvardovsky's poem “Confession of a Tankman”, it was a stage debut. Later, already living in Tallinn, the young Larissa visited the drama club, which was led by the actor of the Russian Drama Theater Ivan Danilovich Rossomahin. After school, Luzhina went to Leningrad to enter the theater institute, but failed the exams. However, fate caught up with her: opposite the house of Larisa Anatolyevna were the pavilions of the Tallinn Film Studio. In 1959, she was invited to a small role in the film "Unwanted Guests". In the same year she entered the VGIK. From the first year Luzhin began to act. On her account - the role in the paintings "On the Seven Winds", "Vertical", "Spring Waters", "Noble Nest", "Case Kukotsky" and others. In 1989, L.A. Luzhina was awarded the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. For many years, Luzhina was an actress of the Theater Studio of the film actor, she taught acting at the Moscow Children's Academy of Folk Arts "Russia" under the Department of Education of the Government of Moscow. Four times she was married. She is dedicated to the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky "She was in Paris."