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Films with the actor Vladimir Treshchalov

Vladimir Treshchalov


Vladimir Leonidovich Treshchalov was born in Moscow, his father was a commander of the Kremlin regiment. Studied at the Surikov Art School at the National Applied Department (silver filigree) In 1958, being a cadet of the Saratov Border School, while in a drunken state, he provoked a fight with a civilian, used a knife in a fight and was convicted by a military court for eight years in prison. Was released early. According to another version, Vladimir, being drunk, had a fight with his friend and classmate Baryshev and stabbed him in the fight with a knife in the stomach. In this regard, the military tribunal was sentenced to 2 years in a disciplinary battalion. The trial took place within the walls of the Saratov College of the MGB. After serving 1 year in the debat, he was released early and resigned from the army, not without the help of his influential father. He began acting in films since 1960 (“Battle on the Way”), while he was studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. The omissions due to the filming of the films caused dismissal from the studio school. He graduated from the State Theater Institute named after A. Lunacharsky. A close friend of V. S. Vysotsky in the early period. In the 1970s, after the incident with the head of the acting department of Mosfilm, Adolf Gurevich, he was forced to remain outside the acting profession for some time, working as a trolley bus driver (route 28) in the 5th park. In the late 1970s, he again began to act in films in small roles. He served in different theaters - since 1974 in the First Moscow Regional Theater, since 1987 - in the Moscow Drama Theater "Sphere", since 1993 - in the Stavropol Drama Theater. He suffered several heart attacks, suffered from a disease of the blood vessels of his legs, asthma. Suddenly died on December 15, 1998 in Moscow. He was buried at Butovo cemetery (7 ac.).