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Films with the actor Alexander Orlov

Alexander Orlov

Director, Actor, Producer

Dancer of the academic theater, entertainer, operetta, cinema. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1936). He graduated from the Petersburg Choreographic School (teachers - M. Fokin, A. Shiryaev, M. Obukhov). As a synthetic actor, Orlov played the central role of the “last cab driver” in the performance-review of the Leningrad music hall “Miracles of the 21st Century” (1928). Together with Leonid Utyosov created in the mid-20s. pop theater "Utor" (Utesov-Orlov). On the stage of the 20-30s. The choir quartet of wandering musicians created by him was a success (he started singing with hoarseness in the voice of Orlov, choristers and artists of the Alexandrian Theater E. Tim, J. Malyutin, theater and stage actor Fedor Romch). "Clockwork" temperament, a special "Orlovskaya" plastic, musicality distinguished his work on the stage, in the operetta, the drama theater (played by Robinson in "Pridridannitsa", Epikhodova in "Cherry Orchard").