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Films with the actor Sergey Umanov

Sergey Umanov


In 1986, after the 8th grade, he entered SSPTU, where he received the profession of cabinet-maker 5 grade. He began studying at the drama school at vocational schools. He performed with performances in factories and production. From 1989 to 1992 he collaborated with the theater "Saturday". In 1992 he entered and in 1996 graduated from SPGATI (course of V.V. Petrov). After graduation, he worked in various small theaters (including the Mikhail Chekhov Theater, the play “Chairs”), studied and worked in the “School of Clowns” at the Licedei Theater, participated in the directing course of G. Trostyanetsky, played in entrepreneurial performances. Since 1999 - actor of the Little Drama Theater Lev Ehrenburg. He has extensive experience in sounding cartoons and films.

Films with the actor