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Films with the actor Vsevolod Platov

Vsevolod Platov


Merited Artist of the RSFSR (11/25/1980). In 1943-1945 he studied at the Moscow school of working youth. In 1943-1951 he was a metalworker at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM). In 1955 he graduated from the Theater School named after MS. Shepkina. In 1955-1958 - an actor of the Kazan Bolshoi Drama Theater. IN AND. Kachalova. In the years 1958-1960 - actor of the Moscow Drama Theater. M. N. Ermolova. In 1960-1967 and 1969-2004 he played in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Since 1966 - the listener of courses of directors of television, in 1968-1969 - the director of the Central television.