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Films with the actor Evgeny Krylatov

Evgeny Krylatov

Music, Actor

Born February 23, 1934 in the city of Lysva in a working-class family. Father - Krylatov Pavel Evgenievich (b. 1908). Mother - Zoya Krylatova (born 1912). The spouse is Krylatova Sevil Sabitovna (1936–2014) [4], a lawyer (sister of composer A. Karamanov). Son - Krylatov Pavel Evgenievich (b. 1958), scriptwriter, author of the screenplays for the films “Babnik”, “Turning the Key”, etc. Daughter - Krylatova Maria Evgenievna (b. 1965) - musicologist by education, devoted herself to the study of Christianity, the author of the collection "Keys to the kingdom." When Yevgeny Krylatov was 2 years old, the family moved from the city of Lysva to Motovilikha, a working suburb of Perm, where his parents worked at the factory. After graduating from Motovilikhinsky music school, Krylatov entered the Perm Music School. In the Moscow Conservatory (1953-1959), Yevgeny Krylatov studied at once in two faculties: an essay class with Professor M.I. Chulaki and a piano class by V.N. Natanson. Wonderful teachers worked in the conservatory, but for Evgeny Krylatov it was important to communicate with MI Chulaki. In addition to high professionalism, M. I. Chulaki had that understanding of life, which was so important for a novice composer who came from a province to a strange, huge city, living without a homeless shelter, without any material basis. The composer's course, on which Evgeny Krylatov studied, was very strong. He studied with such great musicians in the future as A. G. Schnittke, Alemdar Karamanov [3], Eduard Lazarev. Among the graduation works of Evgeny Krylatov are the piano concert, the Pamir Capriccio, the ballet Seven-Color Flower, which was staged at the Bolshoi Theater in 1965 and went on its stage for 5 years. During this period, the composer is actively working in the drama theater, his works begin to sound on the radio. He writes music for performances from the “golden fund” of theatrical repertoire: “Undersized” and “Woe from Wit” at the Maly Theater, “The Inspector” at the Riga Theater of Russian Drama, “Romeo and Juliet” at the Theater for Young People and others. Evgeny Pavlovich Krylatov lives and works in Moscow.