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Films with the actor Konstantin Kadochnikov

Konstantin Kadochnikov


Konstantin Kadochnikov was born in 1932 in Leningrad. Mother - theater director Tatyana Nikolaevna Nikitina, father - actor and director Pavel Petrovich Kadochnikov, who were students of the Leningrad Theater Institute at the time of the birth of their son. He graduated from high school and the A.N. Ostrovsky Leningrad Theater Institute. He served in the Leningrad Academic Drama Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya. He played several small roles in the movie. The first time appeared on the screen in the film by Mikhail Kalatozov “Cranes Are Flying”, where he starred in a small role as a co-worker of the main character. Among other roles: Kurakin (“Musicians of one regiment”), Merkulich from the collective farm “Red Ray” (“I will never forget you”), member of the Soviet delegation (“Victory”). Suddenly died of a heart attack during a tour in 1984. He was buried at the Serafimovsky cemetery in St. Petersburg.